Saturday, March 29, 2008

Great for Practice, plus a must-see resource

Hit this Link!

This link is only the SECOND link on our wiki page called: "Links to Other Smartboard Lists."

If you explore this link you will find MANY notebook activities ready for you to use. It is from the UK, so some items are different (I laughed at the idioms), but the resource list is awfully large. Every link supplied is a huge resource of notebook materials!

Just think--this is only ONE item on our wiki page. Imagine mining the rest for gold? Share what you find! Too much fun!


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Fun Sites for Smarterboards--Not to be missed

Try it out-- a globe/map lesson fully designed and ready for your smartboard. I especially like the way you can take the globe and look at it from all angles before you see it transformed into a flat map-cool stuff!

This site provides all kinds of games, easy to play on the smartboard with your students or they could work in small groups.

Scroll down to see the Downoadable powerpoints for teaching EVERYTHING! Wow.

Have fun with these. AN EXCELLENT BLOG I found on the Smartboard with many sites and links worth your time--all of these included, plus a wonderful forum for more talk is located at:


Sunday, February 10, 2008

Lesson Ten


This video lesson demonstrates how to place a webpage hyperlink into your notebook software. "Why do this?" you might ask. The notebook is a great place to store all your resources for a single unit so that you do not need to go looking for those resources. This beginner lesson shows how to put the link into the notebook page and then how to identify the link with some text (plus save it--of course). The advanced lesson teaches how to make a notebook file filled with resources for a single lesson or a single unit of instruction. Sorry about my breath-filled voice, still figuring out how to tape properly:)


This video lesson teaches you how to create and save a notebook file filled with items you would like to use in a unit of study (I used the example of a regrouping unit). It is a little longer and I apologize for my heavy breathing-still learning how to tape properly:)


Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Lesson Nine

Woohooo! I figured out how to video (knew how to do that) and save for this blog (new learning for me) VIDEOS of me working with the smartboard software. Here is my first attempt--it is a short video that shows you how to use the Tangram object in your notebook gallery. (It also shows you how to use other objects, but I chose the tangram for fun!) It is short and to the point--I hope. Let me know if you like this video format for blog lessons.


Here is an extension on that video showing you how to then get your gallery objects together and save them for a future lesson. Enjoy--the videos are short (and small).


Saturday, February 2, 2008

Lesson Eight

Hi all,

For this lesson I want everyone to visit the smartboards4us wiki at the link above. When you get there...

1. Explore the links on the column at the left (we call this a navigation bar). Click on links and learn about wikis, smartboards, projectors, your choice.
2. Practice linking and then using your browser's back button to return to where you began
(--The back button is usually visible as a left arrow at the top toolbar on your desktop, but sometimes you must look for the browser's back button in the "history" drop down menu of your browser...)

Hit on a few links and explore.
---You will discover a number of resources on the Favorite Webpages, Smartboard Learning++, and Other Smartboard Links pages.
---Consider going to the "How to use this Wiki" page and hit "becoming a contributing member" in order to get directions how to join up and add your two cents.
--"A few Wiki pointers" link will help you make changes once you are a member


Monday, January 21, 2008

Lesson Seven

Saving a hyperlink to a notebook page.

Sometimes teachers want to create a notebook lesson that includes a hyperlink to an Internet page or to a document in their files. It is quite easy to do this.

First open your notebook.
Select "Insert" from the top drop down menu.
Select "Link"

On the left of the new window you will see a few options: web link, document link, page link, and attachment link. Select the kind of link you want.

If you choose web link--you will then have a window to type in the web address of the page you would like to link to. Type in the web page, select as object or corner link (try each to see the difference).

Then save. You have connected your notebook lesson to a web page.

If you decide you would like to link your notebook to a powerpoint or word document in your files, simply choose insert/link again.

This time pick browse and go find where you saved your powerpoint or document. Select the one you want.

Now when you click on it the document or powerpoint will open right from the notebook.


Sunday, January 20, 2008

Another Resource

Smarttech has now added a threaded discussion community to its services. You can join this bulletin board at

The threaded discussion will allow folks from all over to post questions and to share ideas and answers.

I would also love folks to join our wiki--the link to join is in the right hand column of this blog. A wiki allows us to all input our thoughts and ideas (like wikipedia) and have one place where all of our collective wisdom is shared. To join you need to go to the site and press "join" at the top right. You will create a free wikispaces account. Then go back to my smartboard wiki page and select "join this page" at the top left. I will get an email showing that you have requested to join and I will accept. Then you can make additions and changes to the wiki as well as just searching our wiki for ideas whenver you need them. I foresee it growing to a page that has subdivisions by subject and grade area with many places to share links, ideas, and materials.